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Mental Health Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month As May is quickly approaching (seriously, I can’t believe we’re almost to May) and we’re in week 6 of life with COVID restrictions, the recent statistics from Mental Health America’s 2020 report are top of mind for us at the Center for Adult & Child Psychiatry.  While more people are seeking help and opening up about their struggles with mental health, it’s still not enough, and the 2020 numbers are discouraging.  Here are just some of the findings: Major Depression in youth has increased 4.35% in the past 6 years. Jumping from 8.66% to 13.01%. Adult prevalence of mental health is relatively stagnant, but suicidal ideation is increasing. Over 26 million individuals in the US are experiencing a mental health illness and are going untreated. [1] So now let’s take the above statistics and add on the impact that COVID is having [...]