Project Description

Lidia V. Alvarado, APRN FNP-C

As a first-generation college graduate and a Hispanic American, Hard work, success, and humble beginnings, are the benchmark of her ideals.

Lidia Alvarado attained her Master’s degree from South University Tampa in 2018 and went back to school to be a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse practitioner at the University of Miami in 2020. She saw a dire need to have more compassionate caregivers and knew she could help fill in the gaps in healthcare disparities. 


Mrs. Lidia also attended Fairleigh Dickenson University in 2013, where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with a minor in psychology in 2013. 

Psychiatry and Psychology have always been a passion of hers and a calling. After completing nursing school, Lidia worked as a Registered Nurse in the hospital setting. She gained valuable clinical experience in the following areas, Neurology, Orthopedic, and Maternity/Neonatal Care. 


As a Nurse Practitioner, she has worked with patients of all ages. She started her career working mainly with our senior citizen population working for an internal medicine practice. She has also worked with the pediatric population and has worked with newly diagnosed patients with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and diagnosed and treated patients with STI’s. She admits that when she worked in that role, it helped her acquire the experience and knowledge in working with the LGBTQIA population. 


Mrs. Lidia wants to make a difference in the world we live in, positively affect people’s lives, and inspire others while doing what she loves

Help us serve the community by allowing such a noble apprentice to our practice.

  Lidia V. Alvarado, APRN FNP-C


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